I was sitting in front of my TV and came across a show put out by Est8planning LLLC, a local estate planning law firm.  The infomercial (as I see it) was at least a half-hour long, and involved the owner, Scott Makuakane, talking to his associate, Dean Park, about estate planning.

Both Makuakane and Park are attorneys, yet the show had them sitting at a desk in front of the inevitable oh-so-lawyerly-law-books talking about trusts, probate, and intestate succession.  They talked to each other, pretending as though they weren’t clear on the law or what the other guy was going to say.  I suppose they did that to educate the viewer, assuming the viewer wanted to watch Mr. Park reading off legalese papers held in his hand.

This got me thinking about lawyer advertising – what works, and what doesn’t work.  I have trouble believing there was someone out there, other than me, watching this show.