My name is Sechyi Laiu.  I have profile pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.  This is my blog, and I also Twitter.

I practice law in Hawaii and D.C.  This, for the most part, involves helping people get divorced.  When I’m not helping people with their personal lives, I enjoy working with computers (e.g. Network Administration and playing with routers) and playing console games (everything and every type).  I also have a side hobby of learning non-English languages.

This website is a forum for my personal thoughts.  Those thoughts include what I think about my field of work, which often gets lost while preparing motions and attending court hearings:

[Nader] reminded us of the habitual wariness and hesitancy that come from that kind of thinking, and asked if we were becoming cut off from our common sense and our basic institutions of justice… There were wrongs, [Nader] said – violations of law, legal problems throughout the society – which were never the subject of courtroom battles and case reports. “How many share-croppers,” he asked,  “do you think sue Minute Maid?”

(Scott Turow, One L, p.127-128)

I think lawyers are very cautious creatures; prone to worrying about the worse case scenario.  This is a good thing, but they miss the forest for the trees – that law is suppose to be about justice.

The most fundamental thing to remember is that the judicial system is designed to help people resolve their conflicts without resorting to shootouts.  It is not about having war by proxy, or creating a legal “world” using languages that is obtuse to normal people.  It is also not about making lots of money by creating a substantial volume of billable hours.

I aim to help people resolve their personal issues and to do it in a professional manner.  At least, that’s how I think of it, and my comments here are about this experience.

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